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    Fresco Creative recognises the need for your business to have a clear, engaging identity that can be communicated across a growing range of platforms. We provide this by combining the skills of a graphic design studio with a fully accredited media buying...
    agency in the same team. This helps us provide high-quality, attractive work grounded in a communications strategy that links every aspect of your brand. We believe in intelligent design that evolves alongside your business and your audience. When our graphic designers create a new print logo for you, they are drawing on their expertise in web design to understand how this image may transfer to an online environment. As our studio publishes your latest annual report, we know that delivering important information to your stakeholders also requires drawing their attention away from life's other distractions. If you are an international company looking to establish a new audience in Sydney, Fresco Creative helps win over locals without losing your established brand identity. The principles we apply are the same regardless of your size as a business, and we welcome large government agencies and boutique, start-up companies alike. Your projects won't be blurred through multiple stages of outsourced contractors and middle-men, because our graphic designers provide expert service at every step of the process. We also love a good challenge, and by getting to know you directly, our team aims to create work that is unique and true to your business. The result is a successful bond between you and our agency, giving new life to your message without compromising your core values or budget.
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    Embrace inspirational design with Fresco Creative, a graphic design studio that has shaped unique ideas in Surry Hills, Sydney since 1999. Founded by directors Triscia Ambrosini and Louise Formosa, Fresco Creative is a versatile agency specialising in...
    every form of graphic design, printing, web design, media buying and advertising. We believe that successful design is built through genuine collaboration between our agency and our clients. For over fourteen years we've nurtured this with a small, talented team of designers in our studio and it has resulted in a graphic design agency that has a welcoming attitude underpinned by a solid approach to design and campaign strategy. It is also no accident that we are situated in Surry Hills, one of Sydney's most sociable suburbs. We aim to work alongside you through all stages of your graphic design project, from that first idea through to implementation, so why not have that relationship grow in an area known for its fantastic meeting places? This love of quality communication also extends through to your clients and target audience. Our graphic design studio has a spirit of balancing clarity of information with expressing joy and excitement, which are the two pillars of effective communication. We harness that spark in your brand, your project and your company vision and our agency delivers that to the wider world with stylish design and a playful sense of humour. This is the heart of our success as a graphic design studio, and the reason we maintain close, ongoing relationships with clients both large and small throughout Sydney.
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