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  • Need a timeless brand?

    Fresco Creative is perfectly geared to spring out a brand identity that will champion your business and nourish its growth over the years. Our graphic designers are experienced with developing logos and branding guidelines that yield eye-catching and...
    robust results, giving your business a public presence that will excite and inform your audience across every communications platform. We believe in creating sustainable brand identities that will not need to be remade whenever a new technology appears. It doesn't matter if you're a small start-up or a long-established business, your logo will be the most visible part of your brand. This means that you need a design that is versatile, and able to succinctly demonstrate certain qualities about your business. A successful logo will attract an audience's attention, but will not overshadow the important information surrounding it. An effective logo will communicate your core values as a business in the blink of an eye, but not be dense and cluttered. Finally, an enduring logo is one that will gain the trust of your customers and stakeholders, becoming a champion for your brand in a competitive market. We are experts in creating hard-working logos and supporting customer touchpoints for your brand identity. In consultation with you, our graphic designers use colour, shape, type and symbols to create a clear expression of your unique values as a business. Our studio's experience in a range of media also means that the logos and collateral we design for your brand will look perfect across a broad spectrum of materials, ensuring that your visual identity remains useful as your brand continues to grow into the future.
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  • Branding case study – Presbyterian Aged Care

    Presbyterian Aged Care (NSW & ACT) sought us out for a contemporary rebrand to carry their message of providing a comfortable, peaceful and positive life in their aged care facilities. It was important to remain true to the organisation's links to the...
    Presbyterian Church, but to also be welcoming to a wider range of potential clients. Our graphic design team met the brief with an elegant, light butterfly logo, complete with a subtle cross, that encapsulates the freedom and grace offered to all residents at a Presbyterian Aged Care facility. A complete rebrand requires a thorough cycle of research and development, and we put three designers onto the project to generate a vast series of logos. Our research had revealed that it was mainly daughters who arranged care for their parents, which influenced our choices as far as colour, typography and shape went. After creating many prototype designs, our team of three worked together to synthesise the best possible logo. The resulting butterfly design is built out of a merging of the Christian cross with the flames of the Presbyterian Church. Through experimentation, we moved away from primary colours and presented a purple hue, combining the stability of blue with the vitality of red, to convey the wisdom and independence inherent in life at a Presbyterian Aged Care facility. Once the logo form was chosen, we completed the rebrand by applying the butterfly design to a broad range of collateral, including stationery, signage, vehicle graphics, advertising, a website concept and brochure design. We drew from the principles of the logo to inform these complementary designs, creating a colour palette that matched the purple to a serene eucalyptus tint, as well as photography showing facility users enjoying themselves in a relaxed, independent and happy mood.
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