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  • Need a new logo?

    Fresco Creative is a hothouse for sprouting new logos that will champion your brand and nourish its growth. Our graphic designers have years of experience in developing logos that are both eye-catching and robust, giving your business a public presence...
    that will excite and inform your audience across every communications platform. We believe in creating sustainable logos that will not need to be remade whenever a new technology appears. It doesn't matter if you're a small start-up or a long-established business, your logo will be the most visible part of your brand. This means that you need a design that is versatile, and able to succinctly demonstrate certain qualities about your business. A successful logo will attract an audience's attention, but will not overshadow the important information surrounding it. An effective logo will communicate your core values as a business in the blink of an eye, but not be dense and cluttered. Finally, an enduring logo is one that will gain the trust of your customers and stakeholders, becoming a champion for your brand in a competitive market. We are experts in creating such hard-working logos. In consultation with you, our graphic designers use colour, shape, type and symbols to create a clear expression of your unique values as a business. Our studio's experience in a range of media also means that the logos we design for your brand will look perfect across a broad spectrum of materials, ensuring that your visual identity remains useful as your brand continues to grow into the future.
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  • Need help developing your existing brand?

    It may be time for a change of image, or you're opening your company up to a new market. Whatever your challenge, Fresco Creative can help revitalise your brand with a new design that builds contemporary appeal into your original identity. Our graphic...
    designers understand that the look of your business holds an established goodwill amongst your current audience, so we develop brand strategies and aesthetics that maintain this initial trust. We're no strangers to research, and the beginning of a successful rebrand is in learning about your business. Often it's not that your values or message has changed, but that your business is now facing a radically different market or that your stakeholders prefer to receive information in other ways. By understanding where you come from and where you need to go, our graphic design studio can identify the non-negotiable elements of your brand that must be carried across to form a fresh visual identity for a broader audience. We also know that a lot of investment has gone into your original brand. As our agency is accomplished in all forms of graphic design, printing, web design, media buying and advertising, we are able to provide holistic support for your rebrand. This drops your costs and ensures an intelligent, concentrated roll-out of your new brand identity across every platform. Through our printing and digital expertise, you will be able to leave confident that you have everything you need to clearly spread your message across whole new horizons for years to come.
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