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  • Need a unique brochure?

    At Fresco Creative, our designers love creating brochures that bring your message to life. We see every brief as a unique opportunity to channel the story, spirit and message of your business into a brochure that your audience will want to linger over....
    For us, the perfect brochure is one that communicates clearly while engaging the imagination. In our approach every element of the brochure is meaningful, from colour palettes to paper stocks, and we take great pride in bringing out the essence of your brand in surprising ways. Delivering information is the brochure's priority, but the way people read has changed dramatically in the past twenty years. Visual reading has become far more sophisticated and images no longer simply illustrate ideas in your text – they are often the primary means of your reader's understanding. Our designers will help you organise your information into easy-to-read tables and infographics, using a careful balance of shapes and colours so as to create a clear and engaging brochure that does not feel overloaded with facts. Our graphic design studio is equipped to guide and manage the design, production and distribution of your brochure. You'll be welcome to work alongside one of our designers, who combines an understanding of the technical requirements for brochure printing with the aesthetic possibilities, giving the result that both sides of the design will communicate effortlessly with one another. Ultimately, this makes our brochures cost effective while still creating a splash amongst your readers. Call 02 8116 9036 for a quick quote today.
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  • Brochure case study – Mitrefinch

    Mitrefinch arrived at Fresco Creative with an established international brand identity and a need to rejuvenate their brochures for a contemporary marketplace. As a multinational company specialising in employment management solutions, Mitrefinch deals...
    with all manner of businesses looking to increase their efficiency behind the scenes. With new business models appearing through an increasingly digitally-connected world, Mitrefinch knew that they could reach potential clients with a sophisticated brochure. Our designers began with Mitrefinch's core value of improving efficiency through cutting-edge approaches. This was translated into a clean layout that made white space a major feature – serving to ease the eyes of the reader and draw them specifically to the crucial information that Mitrefinch needed to communicate. We also built in features to make reading the brochure a dynamic experience, compelling readers to move through from beginning to end. Some of these features were the use of Mitrefinch's brand palette to highlight keywords in the text blocks, as well as having forward-moving arrows as a primary theme. Considered use of photography added narrative to Mitrefinch's message, showing the diversity of their clients, while also giving readers a guide for how they could personally gain from Mitrefinch's range of products and services. We completed this with strategic use of vector images, sometimes integrated with photographs, to convey the sense of Mitrefinch's technological aids seamlessly linking your world. The overall result was an uplifting, informative brochure that opened up Mitrefinch's international brand to customers who may have previously been alienated by their original corporate look.
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