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  • Need a memorable invitation?

    A gorgeous event may be the capstone of your year, or an exceptionally special one-off night for everyone to remember. Fresco Creative will help start your party in advance with the design and distribution of exquisite invitations and other event collateral,...
    aiming to blend your business's brand with a sense of theatre. Our graphic designers relish the opportunity to craft invitations, as these projects often use rare stocks, letterpress techniques, metallic effects, unique die cutting and artistic photography. Years of printing and design experience means that our designers are able to provide your event collateral with a classy look that will healthily remain in your budget. We have firm working relationships with a number of high-quality printers around Surry Hills and Sydney, and can deliver competitive pricing on even the most outlandish stocks and techniques. This ensures that your event will launch with an invitation that takes your audience's breath away, while still leaving enough spare change for extra champagne. It is not only your parties that benefit from our stylish designs. For a number of years now, Fresco Creative has provided both boutique and major festivals with a suite of events collateral, including dramatic posters, graphic panels, flyers and guidebooks, and we enjoy translating the spirit of your event across different media. As with our invitations, we look to merge the story of your event with the practical purpose of each piece, resulting in items that will inspire your audience while still conveying important information.
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  • Event design case study – Loreto Gonzaga Barry Centre

    Loreto College Normanhurst have been treasured clients of Fresco Creatives for several years now, so our graphic designers relished the opportunity to work on an extra special brief for the school. We were asked to design an invitation for the opening...
    of the Gonzaga Barry Centre, a new, state-of-the-art extension to the school named after one of the most important women in Loreto's Australian history. The result our team delivered was an exercise in simple elegance. The opening of a building carries with it a lot of anticipation. After a period of fund-raising and construction, a completed building is a celebration for the entire Loreto College community, and our invitation mirrored this. Our design presented a flat, sealed card that, when opened, unfolded into four panels like the petals of a blooming flower. This theme of natural beauty also influenced our choice in colour and graphics for the invitation, and we sourced the gorgeous flora surrounding Loreto College Normanhurst for inspiration. The invitation's colour palette features the full spectrum of a rainbow, however texture and shading shifted the seven colours towards a natural feel, becoming the colours of native flowers. This choice echoes a similar theme in environmental elements of the Gonzaga Barry Centre – its colour scheme is evocative of earth, sky and flora, and the building features some fantastic examples of sustainable technology. Completing our invitation was a choice in complementary typography, blending the grace and elegance of Loreto College Normanhurst with clear communication of the important event details.
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