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  • Need a customised/bespoke logo?

    A logo is more than an image for your business card – it is the most visible ambassador for your brand. Our graphic design team draw on the foundations of your business to create a logo that is both a confident messenger and a stellar piece of eye-candy....
    The history of your product, the location of your venue or the mood you wish to evoke for your clients may all be inspirational touchstones. Once we have the key messages and images of your brand, we ensure that these are contained in a strong, attractive shape that will hold its own in any media. It doesn't matter if you're a small start-up or a long-established business, your logo will be travelling far and wide. This means that you need a design that is versatile, and able to succinctly demonstrate certain qualities about your business. A successful logo will attract an audience's attention, but will not overshadow the important information surrounding it. An effective logo will communicate your core values as a business in the blink of an eye, but not be dense and cluttered. Finally, an enduring logo is one that will gain the trust of your customers and stakeholders, becoming a champion for your brand in a competitive market. We are experts in creating such hard-working logos. Through collaboration with you, our graphic designers use colour, shape, type and symbols to create a clear expression of your unique values as a business. Our studio's experience in a range of print and online media also means that the logos we design for your business will look perfect across a broad spectrum of materials, ensuring that your visual identity remains useful as your brand continues to grow into the future. Call 02 8116 9035 and ask for a quick quote today.
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  • Logo case study – Club Trading and Distribution

    Club Trading and Distribution came to Fresco Creative for a complete rebrand, starting with a sophisticated, punchy logo. As a company that is a major stepping stone for international retailers and suppliers entering the Australian grocery market, CTD...
    needed a look that communicated their professional confidence but also displayed their sense of style - the spark they would bring to sell their clients' products. Our design studio immediately scrambled into action! We began by researching CTD's objective for their clients – to create a link between international producers and shoppers in grocery stores both in Sydney and around Australia. Our next step was to convey the positive result of this goal in a straightforward visual response, which led our designers to the image of the shopping bag. Not only does this connote a successful purchase, but the bag is a universal carrier of goods, so would also connect to the logistics support offered by CTD. We proceeded with a clean square for the bag, to add the sense that CTD carry out their job with minimal fuss. Supporting this iconic shape, we chose a vibrant tint of green. This is a fresh, contemporary evolution of the classic, darker green usually associated with groceries, and is a perfect colour to demonstrate CTD's commitment to providing premium brands to a discerning modern market. It also happens to be a colour that harmoniously works in web design, and has been successfully implemented in CTD's online identity. We completed this logo with the trim slogan, “in the bag”, displayed in a sans serif type to keep in synch with CTD's streamlined, direct approach to connecting imported products with Australian markets.
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