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  • Need a stylish magazine?

    Fresco Creative's graphic design studio art directs, publishes and distributes a number of magazines ranging from business-to-business, club communities and school publications in Sydney and beyond. We concentrate a wide range of publishing skills into...
    our cosy team, and so provide a streamlined, cost-effective service without the need for outsourcing. As well as our dedication to creating high quality publications with minimal fuss, our designers are experts at delivering a stylish, contemporary look for your magazine, increasing its potential as both a source of communication and marketing for your business. It's important to strike the right balance with your magazine's design. For publications that focus on longer articles, such as UNSW's Uniken, our approach is to deliver an uncluttered, clean layout that lends great ease to the reader. Alternatively, magazines composed of shorter articles interspersed with photographs and illustrations require an approach to layout that is dynamic and spacious, giving your reader a flexible path through pages filled with captivating focal points, but without any viewing fatigue. No matter what your magazine style, our designers ensure that it delivers your key marketing messages while also attracting your stakeholders to read from cover to cover. Our studio is flexible in how we can best design your magazine. For large organisations that may already have in-house photographers and distribution arrangements, we may only need to provide layout and cover design, compiling and printing. For those needing further services, we also have the capacity to art direct photo shoots, constructing engaging images that showcase the best of your business through an appealing aesthetic. Finally, when it's ready to go, we can handle your distribution, advising you on the best options for flysheets, polybagging and mail merging through our years of experience working alongside Australia Post.
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  • Case study – UNSW Uniken Magazine

    The University of New South Wales came to Fresco Creative seeking a redesign for their flagship publication, Uniken. Beginning with their Autumn 2013 edition, we were briefed to design a contemporary, easy-to-navigate magazine that was as sophisticated...
    in its look as it was in its content. As well as its design, our agency also provided print management for Uniken's per issue print run of 6000 copies. Distributed mainly to students, staff and visitors to UNSW, this 24-page publication is now also available in a digital format, with our clean design translating easily to this medium. Our redesign embraced white space wherever possible, moving away from print magazine staples such as shaded text boxes, and introduced a dynamic use of coloured sections and key words that gave a sense of animation to article titles. The resulting navigation from page to page, using coloured words as visual waypoints, shares a similar ease to how contemporary readers parse content on computer screens and mobile devices. When text boxes do appear on select pages, we added a drop shadow effect to pop the boldly coloured sections off the page – again, subtly mimicking the digital experience in print. While Uniken is available digitally, we worked alongside UNSW to maintain a high standard of print quality for the physical publication at a competitive rate with our print suppliers. It is becoming increasingly common for publications such as Uniken to be published in multiple formats, and we're keen to see print maintain its place as an endearing, tactile and sustainable method for communicating amongst a wide community of stakeholders.
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