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    Whether you're importing a product that needs a facelift for the Australian market, or you're unleashing a new invention, Fresco Creative will work alongside you to develop packaging solutions that are eye-catching, true to your message and respectful...
    of the environment. When designing packaging for your products, our agency pays close attention to your marketing strategy and logistics concerns, transforming these into innovative and unique objects that charm your customers. The first concern when designing packaging is to create an object that immediately establishes a relationship with your audience. This may be through a bold, stylish look that commands attention, but it could also involve a subtler sense of theatre, where the package transforms and surprises a customer as they open it. You may be assured of the quality of what is inside, but there may be many competitors sitting next to your product. Our graphic design studio will help your products launch off the display and into your customers' lives. We also pay attention to your supply chain when designing your packaging. It's vital that we deliver attractive packages that will also be a dream to transport, store and merchandise. Our designers test and prepare a range of packaging nets to find the perfect shape for every stakeholder between your product and your customer. Packaging is not just about selling the product it contains – we are helping you create a new brand ambassador. Call 02 8116 9036 for a quick quote today.
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  • Packaging case study – Kiarella Italian Nougat

    Kiarella Italian Nougat presented our team with a delightful puzzle - how to make attractive packaging for something already as desirable as imported Italian confectionery? Our approach was to move away from the traditional Italian aesthetic of the original...
    packaging and focus on developing a contemporary object that would appeal to an Australian market. We were also excited to present a design with elements that might intrigue customers as well as offer flexibility to stockists when it came to storing and presenting the nougat in displays. The solution that we provided began with conjuring ideas of traditional Italian romance, from which we developed a hand-drawn logo of an accordion player from a bygone era. Balancing this old world image was a contemporary colour scheme of black on white, using blocks of black in contrast to the fine line details of the logo. The combined effect of these two would allow the box's look to ping in a shelf surrounded by more traditional looking nougat packaging, but without losing the classic associations. As for the functional design of the packaging, we designed a box that opened and closed through the folding of two wings on either side of a central container, which housed the nougat wrapped in plastic. These wings are attractive in a few ways. Firstly, they give a sense of theatre when opened to reveal hidden musicians. But, more importantly for stockists, the wing design gives the box functionality both as a neat box for stacking and, by opening one of the wings, as a convenient display for merchandising. While we provided a generic model for the packaging for ease of production, we also designed a system of different coloured stickers for the different nougat flavours in the Kiarella Italian Nougat range, allowing for further flexibility should these increase in number.
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