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AGED CARE CASE STUDY – Thompson Health Care

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Client: Thompson Health Care

Fresco has worked with Thompson Healthcare since 2010 working across both print and web mediums. We first started working with Thompson Health Care to create, from scratch, their biannual magazine.

This magazine serves the dual purpose of being a marketing vehicle, yet also a showcase of community life at Thompson Health Care’s aged care facilities. Over the last 3 years Fresco Creative has worked with the client to write poignant and interesting editorial pieces about each of Thompson’s facilities.

On top of our graphic design services we also provide art direction on all photoshoots on-site at each specific venue to bring to life the superior quality, uniqueness and joy embodied in each community. Together all these elements are utilised to produce and design a publication that tells the heartwarming stories of selected personalities. Over the past 3 years this publication has become a source of pride for all involved including staff, stakeholders, residents and their families.

Fresco has also worked on developing the Thompson Health Care brand creating an illustrated series of 16 flowers and birds to represent the different homes and their local flora and fauna.

This work was been carried across into the website design to unite the look and feel of the brands print and online presence. The website features a touch of animation to engage the user as well as a soft earthy colour palette to promote a sense of warmth and wellbeing. The end result is a website which is informative, easy to use and visually appealing featuring information on each home and imagery from our many photoshoots. Together these elements portray the atmosphere of the homes and the services provided by the family-owned company.

Fresco Creative is also responsible for the production of Thompson Health Care press advertising.

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