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Client: World Wildlife Foundation

The World Wildlife Foundation’s Annual Report is an excellent example of how we match the values of a brand to the practical realisation of its collateral. As one of the world’s major environmental advocates, WWF’s communications need to not only remind their audience of the world’s needs, but also lead through sustainable example. Our graphic design studio’s combination of aesthetic skill and printing expertise resulted in an annual report that was both engaging and environmentally sound.

We developed a design that kept the serious content of WWF’s information for stakeholders intact, while also being a visual celebration of our planet’s beauty. In terms of text layout, we kept to a healthy balance between text blocks and white space for the body of the report, while also adding an engaging dynamic for readers through pull quotes and evocative calls to action superimposed over full-page images. Our designers used simple typefaces throughout the annual report, allowing WWF’s imagery to pull focus and capture reader’s imaginations as a visual call to arms.

The beauty of the natural world was a key theme in the photography selected for the annual report, and we had a wonderful opportunity to select from a range of WWF’s stunning images. In places we drew on this natural theme to create graphics to support text, but where possible drew focus back to real depictions of the world. Maintaining WWF’s ethos of sustainability, we ensured that the annual report was printed using 100% recycled paper and produced with 100% pre-consumer and post-consumer waste fibre, which is sourced from printers’ waste.

“In 2003, WWF – Australia approached Fresco Creative to redevelop our quarterly magazine, Wildlife News. With a supporter base of more than 50,000 people in Australia, the magazine is a key product in our conservation work throughout the country.

The challenge was to give the A3 magazine a fresh new look whilst retaining the standard sections relation to our work. Fresco more than managed the task and have gone on to be WWF’s principle design supplier, responsible for the look and feel of most of our major conservation and corporate products.

They were also instrumental in helping WWF develop comprehensive brand and corporate identity guidelines in 2004. The Fresco team is always incredibly professional, endlessly flexible and consistently present high-quality, innovative design for WWF’s work. We can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Liz Potter – Communications Manager

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