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Client: Bankstown Sports Club

Bankstown Sports Club is a thriving venue when it comes to entertainment, providing a plethora of events for their members and the local community all year round. Such a busy schedule requires a regular promotional campaign of posters, DL flyers, press advertisements, digital images and other touchpoints for every event. As one of our long-term clients, Bankstown Sports Club’s Showroom has benefitted enormously from Fresco Creative’s services as both a graphic design studio and a media buying agency.

The Showroom stages events that appeal to every demographic – from rock’n’roll legends to musicals and children’s shows – which makes it imperative that the collateral readily demonstrates who the show is for. Our designs for events promotion are usually based around a strong image, be it a photo of the famous crooner, or an illustration to evoke the mood of the night. Clear space is left around the focal point of every image to allow for the important event details to stand alone and be easily read at a distance.

Every promotional campaign for Bankstown Sports Club’s events will have 6-8 touchpoints associated with it, and our agency organises every stage of the development from design to implementation for the Club. Our work for the Showroom is one of our most diverse, covering buying ads in local newspapers, A1 and A3 posters in the venue, pull-up banners and screensavers for point of sale tills. By having such substantial coverage these campaigns ensure that the Showroom is always full of satisfied audiences.

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