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Client: Kirribili Club

Kirribilli Club came to us with plans for a new range of promotional items to display around the club and local area. The first of these were new cocktail menus in anticipation of summer’s hotter, shorter evenings. Our designers, not content with simply delivering a functional menu, instead listed the cocktails on a series of cards pinned together like a swatch book – creating a very useful fan for hot summer nights on the Club’s verandah. Each card had its own colour, and we selected a palette that linked in with the Club’s branding.

Keeping in theme with summer nights at Kirribilli Club, we also produced a booklet to promote the festivities happening around the club on New Years Eve. Our brief was to produce compact and compelling collateral, so we designed a concertina-fold A6 brochure that would grab every eye in the club. Each panel of the brochure was slightly longer than the other, forming a series of tabs when folded up, giving quick access to each part of the booklet. Sydney’s famous fireworks also featured as imagery throughout the booklet to instantly communicated the idea of New Years Eve.

In both of these projects, our designers delivered collateral that was intriguing as well as functional. Given the social nature of Kirribilli Club, the promotional items could easily become talking points to further cement the campaign’s message. This is also a great example of the lateral approaches to promotional design that we can design when given permission to play.

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