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Client: Lachlan Catchment Management Authority NSW

Fresco Creative was approached to deliver a proposal for the redevelopment of the Lachlan Catchment Management Authority NSW’s website. The aim of the redevelopment was to improve how the Authority communicated information about the various wetlands and environmental factors of the Lachlan River as well as the role of their role to the general public.

Fresco’s website design and development team put forward a clean and minimalist web framework that improved access and usability and ensured ease of use for all who live in the Lachlan Riverine area to find out up to date information about the ever changing wetlands.
The team introduced maps to visually show the riverine as well as simple but effective icons to communicate current conditions of the wetlands quickly and effectively.

The approach was accepted and implemented, with Fresco delivering an engaging, easy to use and informative website that has improved the lines of communication between the Lachlan Riverine Working Group and the many local communities effected by its waterways.

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