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Presbyterian Aged Care (NSW and ACT) Rebrand

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Client: Presbyterian Aged Care

The brief was to come up with a fresh, clean and modern logo that represented the comfort and happiness of living in a Presbyterian Aged Care facility. It was important that the logo maintained a religious feel to represent their links to the church. Our research revealed that it was mainly daughters who were choosing the care for their parents and this influenced our design for the icon and our colour and typography suggestions. Three designers then set about exploring countless avenues during the concepting phase of the project. This culminated with the designers putting their heads together to each come up with several logo designs.

We narrowed them down until only a handful remained, which were then presented to the client. The stand-out design was a butterfly emblem, which was modelled on the flames from the Presbyterian church logo and incorporated a subtle cross symbol. We brought together these soft organic symbols to create a butterfly shape, representing the freedom that the residents experience from living in PAC homes and engaging in their services. The cross shape reflected the religious side of the organisation. After extensive colour explorations purple was finally chosen because it combined the stability of blue with the energy of red, radiating independence, dignity and wisdom and appealed to our target audience.

Alongside the logo, we then had the opportunity to develop stationery, signage, advertising, a website concept and have just sent their first company brochure off to be printed.

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