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Client: Rigby Predictive Maintenance Services

After looking at some automatic logo generator sites and being underwhelmed, Rigby Predictive Maintenance Services came to Fresco for a new logo to represent their business. We researched the Marine Maintenance industry and predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques and came up with a logo design to represent Rigby. The symbolic cog/working part icon was paired with a magnifying glass or water droplet which distorts the part of the cog below. The ‘zoomed-in’ nature of the design is representative of Rigby Predictive Maintenance Services’ ability to “look closer” and “below the surface” to find the underlying or potential problem, conveying the thorough diagnostic aspects of PdM. For this logo we paired a strong blue, which is associated with reliability and trustworthiness, with a bright aqua, which triggers thoughts of crystal clear water and represents a clean and simple approach. The two colours worked together to create a harmonious pairing and conjured an instant link with the maritime industry.

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