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Client: Sausage Affair

Fresco Creative was approached to design a logo for Sausage Affair – a new Sydney-bound food truck with a naughty twist! Our client wanted to convey his cheeky personality – stemming from the name itself and tagline “It’s not cheating if it’s with a sausage!” He wanted the branding to have a slight retro feel and appear friendly, fun and high quality. The heart icon was inspired by old-style German circular sausages, it’s little twist is mimicked in the ‘E’ of the typeface. The love heart ties in with the possible romantic association with the word ‘affair’. The twist in the middle of the heart also looks a bit like two people holding hands.

The irregular black circle loosely represents the top view of a frying pan. We have chosen Suburban Light as the primary typeface. The font was designed in 1993 by Rudy VanderLans/Emigre and is a combination of fairly rational, geometric shapes sprinkled throughout with whimsical and calligraphy-inspired characters. It is playful and quirky but also easy to read and with a few strong geometric letters such as the “A” for good foundation and contrast with the curls. The tips of some of the letters are rounded (see “R” and “E”), and so give the text similar look as a sausage – especially the “E” which looks like a curly sausage.

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