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St Pius X College School Yearbook – The Collegian

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Client: St Pius X College

For St Pius X College, an independent Roman Catholic boys school in North Sydney, The Collegian is a publication for displaying the many achievements of their students in line with the school’s motto, “By faith and hard work”. Fresco Creative were invited to design The Collegian’s 2011 publication in association with the school’s marketing department, and our graphic design team took great delight in developing a fun, minimalist design for St Pius X College’s yearbook.

Yearbooks such as St Pius X College’s are keepsakes for the students, staff and community alike, and it’s important that these publications feel like a celebration of the year’s achievements rather than as a report summary of the year past. The Collegian’s 2011’s cover reflected not only the idea of student’s being at the fore of the publication’s focus, but also highlighted the long-term result of years of achievement, with students maturing throughout their school career from boys to early adulthood.

When designing yearbooks for schools, we develop a layout that is going to carry a large volume of photos without feeling like a static grid. The Collegian’s layout was structured around a minimal design that made a dramatic impact, using diagonal lines drawn from the school’s emblem. A royal blue, also in the school’s brand palette, became the feature colour of this edition, with secondary colours chosen for their contrasting or complementary relationship. Quotes were peppered throughout The Collegian, with fun, stylised quotation marks giving an exuberant mood to St Pius X College’s message.

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