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  • Need a striking campaign?

    When it comes time to roll out your promotional campaign, our team will be right there to create a stunning, unified look across a range of different media. We are comfortable in both print and digital environments, and have designed and implemented campaigns...
    that straddle these forms with flair. As we have the combined capacity of a graphic design studio and a media buying agency, we can craft a specific promotional campaign for your purposes, identifying the best methods for having your message seen, while keeping to your budget. A solid promotional campaign will be highly visible and reach your potential customers from as many different, valid directions as possible. Fresco Creative's graphic designers will work alongside you to develop a sharp look for your campaign, bringing in expertise with a variety of specialised creative skills including art directing photo shoots, commissioning illustrations and crafting new typefaces. We will ensure that this look carries faithfully into whichever format you choose, and we often develop campaigns that are consistent across print posters, digital graphics, print advertising, banners and beyond. We can provide dedicated, month-to-month collateral for your business, supplying you with sophisticated design support if you have a high turnover of events or promotions. However, if you are thinking of something more adventurous as a one-off promotional campaign, our studio is skilled in the creation of a range of projects that can launch your ideas to the left-of-centre. These include bespoke publications, vehicle graphics and unique point of sale items to support more straightforward advertising collateral.
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  • Promotional design case study – Rockend Z Cards

    Rockend are suppliers of high-powered, yet easy-to-use, property management software solutions, so when they approached us to design and implement their new promotional campaign, we sought to demonstrate these elements as best as possible. The result...
    was a series of three z-card brochures, packed full of information about Rockend's products, and able to fit into your pocket. The efficiency of the z-cards' fold was given added punch with the use of Rockend's energetic red colour scheme throughout the brochure. The z-card fold is an excellent solution for Rockend's campaign, both in terms of communication and logistics. Rockend's potential clients are in the market for sophisticated software that is reliable and efficient, able to handle a wide array of complex services without confusing its users. As these z-card brochures fold out to a 390mm x 540mm double-sided poster, there is ample space to contain the wealth of information Rockend's clients need for making an informed purchase. On the flip side, having these posters fold neatly into a card that snugly fits into the pockets of Rockend's representatives is a marketing dream come true. To balance out the high amount of text in the brochure, our graphic designers developed a series of red images that thematically linked to ideas of finance and management. We also seeded direct-to-camera photographs of models demonstrating the relaxed manner with which they can conduct their business through technology, showing a human side to the benefits gained by Rockend's clients. This campaign is a fantastic example of how to synthesise several different purposes into a clean, attractive solution, which we always aspire to in our work.
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