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    A strong publication is one that will communicate your business's core values while holding the attention of your stakeholders for longer than a few minutes. We believe that this grows out of combining imagination and strategy, and the publications produced...
    by our graphic design studio are engaging, easy-to-read documents that offer readers a deeper insight into your business. Our publication services are competitive, as we combine the roles of a creative studio with production management, ensuring that your business receives a high-quality, sustainable item within your budget. The range of publications you can have are endless, and our previous projects include cookbooks and poetry anthologies amongst the more straightforward prospectus and annual reports for our clients. With our help, you can take a lateral approach to your business's operations and brainstorm a publication that invites your wider community to share in your vision in surprising ways. Our years of experience in publication design and production will help develop a creative twist to your brand without losing your professional edge. We take pride in presenting projects that fit your brief uniquely, rather than enforcing our own house design onto your publications. This gives our studio the flexibility to not only develop completely new projects, but to also approach redesigning existing publications that are seeking a contemporary, fresh look so as to connect with emerging markets. Our publications throughout the years are informed by many different aesthetic approaches, from using typography as the basis of the publication design through to art directing specific photography as a means for communicating a client's core message.
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  • Publication case study – Bankstown Cookbook

    We have had the pleasure of working with Bankstown Sports Club for many years, so it was an exciting prospect to help the club put together a special cookbook for the festive season. Bankstown Sports Club have a large community of patrons who regularly...
    engage with the club, through regular visits and events, and it made sense that a cookbook from the club would contain recipes prepared in their very own restaurants. Fresco Creative took to the brief, tapping into our inner (and outer) foodies so as to lead the cookbook's design and art direction. In art directing the photo-shoots for the Great Taste cookbook, our design team sought to bring out three elements of Bankstown Sports Club's delicious meals. Firstly, the completed dishes would be displayed in all of their tasty glory, using lighting and surrounding colours so as not to leach lustre from the food. However, as the cookbook's message is one of inclusion, we also prepared secondary images of key ingredients, raw and unprepared, so as to remind readers that these amazing dishes always start from somewhere simple. Finally, tying into the festive season, we sprinkled embellishments such as wrapped presents throughout the book. We designed the typography and page layout for the Great Taste cookbook to evoke both the open, breezy atmosphere of an Australian summer meal as well as the contemporary, light aesthetic of Bankstown Sports Club's premises. Pride of place was given to food photography, however the inclusion of shaded text boxes allowed for a lot of information to be neatly presented on each page without over-crowding. Pop-up snippets, such as little “Chef Tips”, added an extra personal touch and gave the sense that readers were receiving inside knowledge direct from Bankstown Sports Club's chefs.
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