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  • Need an inspiring yearbook?

    Some of our favourite clients are schools from around Sydney, who are looking for a sharp polish to their yearbook design. We take great pleasure in generating a unique look and layout for your yearbook that keeps in the spirit of your school's identity...
    and traditions. With a combination of our printing knowledge and graphic design experience, our studio will deliver a sophisticated publication that showcases your achievements for the year and remains a charming memento for students, staff and your greater community for the decades ahead. Often our most playful projects, creating yearbooks are an excellent design challenge for Fresco Creative. When approaching your brief, we take into account that there are three major stakeholders in the yearbook: your school and its associated brand identity, your students and their achievements, and their parents. A successful yearbook design translates your school's brand and traditions into a format that excites your students, while also delivering key information to their parents without feeling too informal. By forming the right harmony here, we're highlighting the fact that your school is not simply an institution – it's part of a dynamic community. The specific details of our yearbook design lie in finding the correct layout for your information, as well as providing the best possible printing methods and materials to ensure an excellent quality product delivered on budget and to deadline. Yearbooks tend to contain a high percentage of photos, and our graphic designers are experts at creating evolving layouts that are spacious and flow from page to page, rather than making your yearbook feel like a crammed, static photo album. A high volume of photos also means a high volume of memories, and we provide advice on the best affordable paper stock to ensure the survival of your yearbooks through many repeat page-turnings.
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  • Case Study – MSB Yearbook

    Mount St Benedict's College is an independent, Catholic school for girls based in West Pennant Hills who came to us for the design of their yearbook. It's a delightful task for us, as we embrace the College's vision of “inspiring young women, transforming...
    the future”, and every edition that we work on is an exploration of these ideas. The 2012 edition we designed tapped into the vibrant curiosity of youth, presenting a layout that had a sense of teenage DIY, but with a colour palette and typography that held true to the College's brand identity. Yearbooks such as MSB's are keepsakes for the students, staff and community alike, and it's important that these publications feel like a celebration of the year's achievements rather than as a report summary of the year past. The front and back covers of the 2012 edition are bold, with the title “Ignite Your Light” in a script reminiscent of long-exposure light writing that carries through to the back. This simple effect combines ideas of ingenuity, craft and play, and clearly sets the mood for the rest of the publication. When designing yearbooks for schools, we develop a layout that is going to carry a large volume of photos without feeling like a static grid. To achieve this, we drew on the original (and best!) example of collecting photos: the scrapbook. Our resulting layout for the MSB 2012 yearbook featured torn out pages from a school notebook, pull quotes in a handwritten script and marginalia similar to the doodles we've all drawn back in the day (and in some cases still do).
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