21st Century Alice

For all you app lovers out there Alice for the ipad has to be or at least should be on your wish list. The creative’s at Atomic Antelope have done an outstanding job at taking a classic novel and transforming it into a quirky pop up book for the 21st century. Staying true and sympathetic to the original designs the app includes an amazing selection of beautifully executed illustrations, illustrations which come alive through animation. This eBook engages its readers with interactive functions such as shaking, twisting, turning and jiggling which causes the characters in that scene to react. It is a beautiful recreation of Alice’s journey and definitely worth a peek no matter what age you are. It is a truly inspirational digital project demonstrating how old and new can exist harmoniously.

I have to confess I don’t even own an ipad but this little book has got me hoping Santa is going to be super generous this year.

Check out the demo of Alice for the ipad on YouTube.

Eimear O’Sullivan 05.10.12


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