Illustrations with a personality

Her name is Helena Randall

She has the most amazing style. I think they are super clever and beautiful. Each illustration has a name and a personality. They have a job, interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes and secrets. I just love them and I love getting to know them all. Helena is located in LA. Her creativity is inspiring something every good graphic designer needs on a daily basis.

If you pick up the latest edition of frankie you can view more amazing work.

Stella Heart Cheeks is a little angry and looking for love (her anger is merely a reaction to her seemingly lost cause, she is generally noted to be quite charming)  Stella is getting impatient because she’s been searching for the big L for years and years and her friends are mostly all paired up. People always tell her she’ll find love when she least expects it. Stella doesn’t believe it to be true but is secretly hopeful.  S.H.C enjoys bike riding and making bundt cakes.  It’s her new thing.

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