52 Suburbs – Coogee Beach!

I have been avidly following Louise Hawson’s adventures around the globe, so was very excited to see that her final suburb on this whirlwind tour is …(drum roll please) Coogee Beach, my very own suburb!! I’ve lived in Coogee on and off for over 8 years, with a 5 year stint in between living in its more raucous neighbor Bondi Beach.

I love my suburb, the unpretentious beach side attitude and of course the beautiful sea pools (there’s over 4 of them) so I read Louise’s latest post with glee. I love how she has captured the suburb’s quirky characters and faded seaside glamour, she’s even made the ugly red bricks look kitsch in a groovy kind of way. There’s also shots of Heidi, my old graphic design lecturer, and Coogee resident/ daily snorkler/painter and a real local character.

Loved this final post from Louise! Dont take my word for it go and check out this blog, and live vicariously through this intrepid photographer: http://52suburbs.com/

Triscia Ambrosini 13/03/13

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