A design inspiration

Oscar Diaz is a product designer based in London where he works with ideas applied to objects, furniture and spaces, both on commissioned and self-initiated projects.

Much of his work is concerned with tweaking everyday objects or situations. Mixing influences from craft and technology, his approach is often multifaceted, investigative and playful, transforming the ordinary by challenging conventions. He studied Fine Art in Spain, Industrial Design at the École des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, and graduated with an MA in Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London.
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The studio focuses on products, installations and interior design. In addition, the studio produces a range of independent projects, including exhibitions and deliver workshops. Self-initiated projects serve to experiment with materials and challenge processes that will find later on an application on commercial projects. The studio doesn’t have a style, favourite material or formula, and consider design as a craft, where a deep understanding of materials, processes and users behavior make a knot. We find inspiration on the everyday, and are influenced by consumerism, technology, video games, nature, supermarkets and TV screens, amongst other things.”Ink Calendar” make use the timed pace of the ink spreading on the paper to indicate time.


The ink is absorbed slowly, and the numbers in the calendar are “printed” daily. One a day, they are filled with ink until the end of the month. A calendar self-updated, which enhances the perception of time passing and not only signaling it.

The ink colors are based on a spectrum, which relate to a “color temperature scale”, each month having a color related to our perception of the whether on that month. The colors range from dark blue in December to, three shades of green in spring or oranges, red in the summer. The “Ink Calendar” was developed for “Gradual “, an exhibition featuring works, which were evolving during the exhibition time at the London Design Festival 2007.

Louise 19 April 2010