Another Surry Hills Creative Gem – Brett Whiteley’s Studio

Just around the corner from our graphic design studio in Holt Street is the artsist studio where Brett Whiteley lived and worked before his tragic death in 1992. Taken from his website … “The visitor is offered the unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the space – the studio with his unfinished paintings, art equipment and collections of reference books, and the graffiti wall covered with quotes and images.
The living area has memorabilia such as photographs, objects, postcards, furniture, his music collection and sketchbooks. The gallery has changing exhibitions of the artist’s works: paintings, drawings, sculpture and graphics borrowed from the Whiteley Estate, Art Gallery of New South Wales and private collections.

There is a small gallery shop with postcards, posters and other merchandise for sale. There is no cafe at the Studio, however visitors are welcome to return on the day after refreshing at the numerous cafes and restaurants close by.”

Why my sudden interest in Brett Whiteley’s art – a friend recently asked me to proof read her 90,000 word thesis on the artisit!! 400 pages later and copious amounts of black coffee later – im hooked!

Triscia 3/12/09