Architectural Design Inspiring Graphic Design

You may already know this about me,  in my past life i was an interior designer. I eventually realised after the umpteenth specification drawing of a door jamb of a pharmacy design that this may not be the most suitable profession for me, the cross over to graphic design was relatively painless and much more rewarding! In saying that i still get really inspired by amazing architectural design and it often feeds me creatively graphic design wise. When i saw this amazing tree house design on another design blog I was completely blown away. Its a restuarant ten meters up a redwood tree in Auckland New Zealand.

Its wonderful design and its always been a secret fantasy of mine to live in a tree house in a forest (watched too many  Lord of the Rings trilogy!) For more information visit yellow tree house.

Makes me remember why i studied interior design in the first place.

Triscia 10/02