Sydney has long lamented the lack of groovy intimate Melbourne style wine bars, but that has all changed with the arrival of bars like Vini and Mille Vini in our very own Surry Hills and my latest discovery Bacco Wine Bar and Pasticceria in Chiefly Tower (Louise its just around the corner from Deutsche Bank you’ll have to get Stuart to take you!!).

Anyone that has read any of my previous blogs knows I am absolutely obsessed with all things Italian, especially good Italian food, and its here that Bacco is a real hidden gem. It has all the groovy touches of a Melbourne bar; the low level intimate lighting, cosy European design style, the beautiful and charming Italian waiters in waistcoats, but where Bacco really shines is the food – its exceptionally good. Truffled Pecorino cheeses, home made duck ravioli with creamed artichokes, duck pates, slow oven  roasted fennel pork, the creamiest Buffulo Mozarella I have ever tasted – and a wine list that would satisfy any Dionysian reveler!  Lush, devine hedonism springs to mind when i think of Bacco.

Fulvio Lancione has brought his creative talent for food direct from Rome, and I cant wait to get back there to sample his  warm chocolate tortino with dark marinated berries (there just wasn’t enough room in my tummy for that one!)

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Triscia (7/05/09)