More Inspirational Web Design

As Ive mentioned in previous blogs Fresco is in the throes of re designing our website, so a lot of time has been spent trawling the web looking for creative inspiration. A good site I have come across recently is the Rice Daubney site. I thought I would explore more commercial design in this blog, and this site for the architectural firm is a good example of creativity married with commercial and corporate restraints. This is a great example of a flash site, it requires a bit of exploration as the navigation works on a number of levels, but makes more sense the more you delve into the site. My only criticism is the restraint in colour, their branding uses a beautiful colour palette which hasn’t been employed at all throughout the site, instead they have chosen a dark, dramatic creative tone… still strong and impactful. Don’t take my word for it take a look for yourself at




När vi tenderar att välja bröllopet inte vet hur man väljer vilken typ av bröllop. Nu hur vi väljer.

Mode balklänningar på nätet för att se hur man väljer klänningen super. Online. Vi kan själva välja vilken vacker klänning eller balklänningar eller balklänningar på nätet. Här finns flera vackra balklänning.