Beautiful Book Design

Graphic Designers love … beautiful books!

Trawling the web for my usual Monday morning inspiration I came across “I Love My Room”  — a beautifully designed publication about children’s rooms by Megan Morton. I have to admit I did look at the gorgeous designs and layout of the spaces and think hmmmm, is it truly possible for a kids room to look that good for more than a nano second? My three year old’s bedroom is sadly a collection of scattered toys, an unmade bed and unidentifiable blobs of gunk stuck to furniture most of the time.

The design and photography of this book is so lovely I have forgiven myself for my lack of ability to maintain such a space for my own son. Megan’s writing style is very entertaining and carries you through the  book. I especially like how she gives a voice to the children themselves, explaining their very own personalised spaces. Publication design at its best!

Triscia 17/06/13