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Branding Refresh

Today I wanted to continue on with the case study I mentioned in my last post for Gooralie Free Range Pork which falls under the umbrella brand of Arcadian Meats. Its all very well and good to see the improvements between the old brand and new (pictured below) but what I think is important is to understand what our designers are doing to make this difference and why. So lets take a closer look at the strategy behind this refresh.

If we take a look at their old brand (on the left, below) there are a number of issues which resulted in the entire product range being rejected by delis and upmarket supermarkets. In a nutshell the branding and packaging did not reflect the product’s positioning in the market place which is as a premium free range pork product. Lets take a look at some of the differences.

If we look at the old logo on the left:

It has legibility problems
The colour and font choice are not communicating that it’s a high-quality product
It looks amateur when compared to other products on shelf
The illustration has negative connotations (essentially it’s a pig’s bottom which you really don’t want to be associating with a premium food product!)
The logo overall looks cheaper than the product actually is so there is a nasty surprise at the checkout!

If we look at the new logo:

The restrained colour palette and font choice better conveys the premium nature of the product The design matches the price point Fine lines and soft curves in the illustration are feminine and sophisticated (which was the profile of the target market, the typical buyer were educated females) It’s competitive among other free range products on the shelf The new representation of the pig is more delicate and respectful of the animal – in-line with the ‘free range’ key messaging. Within the first week of launching the new brand Gooralie was accepted into 17 high end stores within the first week.

A good example of good design equating to good business.

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