Building Brand Identity – Brochure Design

Another interesting excerpt from Alina Wheeler (I’ve been using this book A LOT the last few weeks with lots of branding projects on the boil in the studio!)

“You’re waiting for your café latte and see brochures in a stylish rack. You rip open your monthly mutual fund statement and there it is – an insert. You unpack your new iPod and there’s a tiny booklet. You go to the doctor and each aspect of your health care has its own publication. You contact a consultant and he encourages you to download his company’s brochure. Brochures are omnipresent.

Brochures continue to be popular marketing and information tools. The best brochure designs invite readership since they’re easy to understand and user-friendly. Designing a unified system ensures that the identity of the company is consistently presented and communicates familiarity with the existing customer. Designing a grid and typographic system that allows flexibility is not only smart from a branding perspective, but also efficient from a cost and resource perspective”.

Brochure System Basics:

  • Unified brochure systems increase brand recognition.
  • Effective brochure systems are differentiated from the competition.
  • Brochures are an extension of a company’s identity and brand architecture.
  • Effective brochures make it easy for a customer to understand information and to buy products and services.

By making information accessible, a company demonstrates its understanding of its customer’s needs and preferences:

  • Effective brochure design makes it easier for the sales force to sell.
  • Effective systems anticipate future change.
  • Great design is only effective if it can be reproduced at the highest quality.
  • Systems should include a consistent call for action that gives the customer choice and access.

The best brochures are well written and present appropriate amounts of information.

Taken from “Designing Brand Identity – A Complete Guide to Creating, Building, and Maintaining Strong Brands”


Triscia 27/01/10

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