The most effective catalogue design is one that not only features the sizes, varieties and colours offered in each product range but also organises the information in a logical way that allows the reader to navigate easily to the section they need. Many catalogue designs cram the page with information and this can look cheap and overwhelm the reader. We consider your target audience when designing your catalogue and maintain as much white space as possible – recommending the best page density dictated by your content – to achieve the best result for your business. Most catalogue designs that we have prepared include a few introductory pages at the beginning, explaining the company, product categories and how to order, in a clear way, leading the customer in to the denser pages of the catalogue, gradually.

We use icons, diagrams and flow charts to differentiate information and highlight key information or complex-sounding processes. Breaking the order process up into steps and detailing support options, can allow the reader to feel comfortable about the prospect of ordering from a catalogue.

We have developed icons for a range of abstract attributes such as moisture management, double stitched, UPF rated, safety stitched, stain resistant, name tag, crease resistant, spare button as well as to differentiate between children and adult ranges. We can photograph all your products, ready for inclusion in the catalogue, or work with supplied imagery. We can also translate your online shop into a print catalogue. Whatever the product, Fresco Creative can assist you in putting together the design for your product catalogue as well as managing print and distribution for you, if required.

LW Reid School Uniform Catalogue
LW Reid School Uniform Catalogue Design
LW Reid School Uniform Catalogue Design
LW Reid School Uniform Catalogue Design

What our clients say…

“We are very satisfy with the the layout of products. Thanks… we are happy to approve the final catalogue design.” – White Panda, Hangers for Shops Catalogue

“I am extremely grateful for your assistance, support and designs – they have been greatly received by the board, staff and members. I appreciate your urgency, adaptability and ease of communication.” – Wests Group Macarthur

Hangers for Shops Catalogue Design
Hangers for Shops Catalogue Design
Hangers for Shops Catalogue Design
Hangers for Shops Catalogue Design
Hangers for Shops Catalogue Design

Other graphic design projects:

Blue Ribbon Ball Event Graphic Design

Blue Ribbon Ball

For over seven years, we have worked very closely with NSW Police Legacy on their annual Blue Ribbon Ball event’s graphic styling and collateral.

Police Bank Annual Report Design

Police Bank

Police Bank came to Fresco Creative wanting to outsource their Annual Report. They were keen to see a fresh look for it and also recognised the benefits of freeing up some capacity across their marketing department.

Active Living NSW – Fit NSW 2018 Summary Document – Publication design

Active Living NSW

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Cancer Council Roadblocks to Radiotherapy

Cancer Council

Working with well established guidelines, Fresco was tasked to come up with clean and easy to use reports aimed to improve radiotherapy in NSW.

Presbyterian Aged Care 75th Anniversary Publication Design

Presbyterian Aged Care

Fresco Creative was approached by Presbyterian Aged Care with a view to overhaul their old logo and to develop a completely new brand strategy. We created a new logo and visual identity then allied it to a range of design collateral to create a new voice for their brand to better reflect their values and target audience.

Satipharm CBD Packaging Design

Satipharm (MMJ Phytotech)

Satipharm (MMJ PhytoTech), a high-quality Swiss pharmaceutical company approached Fresco wanting a new box design for their CBD capsules. The focus of the brief was to steer the design as far as possible away from preconcieved ideas about cannabis as a recreational drug and instead represent CBD as a quality-controlled, pharma-grade product.

Our Clients

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