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Clubs: Wests Group Macarthur – Magazine


Recently, Fresco was approached by Wests Group Macarthur to design the first magazine for the ever-expanding and successful club group which includes Wests League Club and several other smaller tennis and golf clubs in the district. Part of the challenge was not just in the design but also in naming and developing a style which clearly and creatively conveyed the entire group.


We assisted the club with the naming of the magazine and then set about designing a masthead, cover and editorial spreads. We worked on marrying the content with the brand to develop a unique and distinctive style for the magazine that will come to be recognisable in it’s own right. A well-designed publication allows its readers to digest the information quickly and without much effort – making for a pleasurable reading experience. A magazine spread can be “digested” generally in one view, with the spine being ignored by viewers as they read.

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