Code me pretty.

Joshua Davis is a design troublemaker. “A lot of printers ask me how I created my work,” he says mischievously. “Because technically, it’s not actually possible.”

Davis creates electronically generated graphic compositions of almost unimaginable complexity and individuality. Equally at home with print and electronic media, he builds his own Flash-based programs to combine and recombine colors borrowed from nature with forms that include organic shapes, text elements, and other symbols – WOW!

The resulting works of “dynamic abstraction,” as Davis calls them, are fluid, intricate, and unique as snowflakes. There’s an ephemeral quality even to his print work, which captures a single variation in a potentially endless sequence of design permutations – each print he makes becomes a unique edition of the program.

Onscreen or in print, Davis aspires to generate visuals that have never existed before. Such an exciting and mesmerizing designer and coder. Joshua Davis is my new crush!

Sionen 10.07