We love Wildflowers Photography!

Graphic Designers love … Photography!

Today whilst trawling through my RSS feed for my Monday morning creative fix I stumbled across the gorgeous imagery of Wildflowers Photography. Not only is Joy a beautiful and gifted photographer and blogger, she is also a mamma of 4, traveling America with her brood in a retro trailer that she has painted and decked out in the loveliest vintage fit-out I have ever seen!

Joy (cant find her last name anywhere!) is photographing her journey as well as that of families that cross her path, but mostly she is experiencing and documenting the ordinary happiness and joy in the everyday, and is finding the beautiful in the things that most of us mere mortals are blind to most of the time.

As a graphic designer with a studio in Sydney I’ve always felt like I was living creatively, Joys blog has made me think that maybe we all need to shake things up a bit. Check out her blog and beautiful photography at wildflowersphotos.com

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Happy Monday!



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