CTD Logo Design

‘Club Trading and Distribution’ is a company that works with retailers and suppliers all over the globe to bring unique products to the Australian grocery market. They came to us to work on their rebrand, which we approached by firstly shortening the company name, ‘Club Trading and Distribution’, as we felt it didn’t convey the nature of the business clearly. A shorter, snappier version was introduced, ‘CTD’. Next, a tagline was introduced to summarise the business, ‘in the bag’. This immediately explains the confidence of the company to deliver their promises; meet their clients expectations; to indicate their retail links; and to show the letters CTD are ‘in the bag’ – making it both fun and descriptive on a number of levels. The bag shape is instantly recognised as a retail item, indicating the nature of the CTD business. The playful design is lively, punchy and uncomplicated, and has made CTD stand out in their field.

Since working on their logo re-design, we have also refreshed their website, designed their corporate brochure and worked on a range of stationery, corporate templates and a style guide. We look forward to working with the CTD team on their next project!

Annalisa 02/05/12