Delightful & dainty design.

SOHI magazine is one of those publications that once your stumble across it, you don’t know what you life was like before without it. Jawdroppingly awesome were the first words that I crossed my mind. Hot & hot were next in line.

Editors, designers & lovers of all things amazing & cute Rebecca Wolkenstein & Sarah King reside in the leafy Southern Highlands & publish this quarterly gem from their studio amongst multi tasking many an other project.

SOHI touches on all things creative that most love – architecture, craft, fashion, food, garden & interiors. The magazine is laid out to perfection, the photography & design leaves you drooling & the words like a long lost friend – familiar, friendly & you want to give them a hug.

The best part is, they have great taste in fans too. And although it is not hiring a plane & skywriting it across Bowral, a digital pic on a website is almost as stand out –

Check out the website above to find our where you can pick up their delicious publication.

Nat 25.11