Design by the Sea

Its on again … Sculptures By the Sea (is it really November already?! Eeeek!!)

I took my 3 year old down to Tamarama to get ourselves some seaside creative inspiration. I have to admit a lot of whats on display is too abstract for my taste, I’m not really a huge fan of modern art/ sculpture. In saying that there were some real standouts for creativity and some exhibits revealed a great sense of humor  – like the port-a-loo sculpture that was bolted shut and had a recording of someone banging and pleading to let them out! I loved; the aquarium of  sea creatures made from the rubbish that usually ends up in our oceans, the crystal ball reflecting an inverse ocean and Luca’s favorite, the floating cloud made from bright colored plastic toys.

So grab yourself a 1/2 chai 1/2 mocca, soy cappuccino with cinnamon, (hold the froth) and discuss existentialism, the unbearable lightness of being  and modern art by the sea!

Some of my instagram snapshots below … favorite exhibits.

Triscia Ambrosini 04/11

2013-10-25 10.46.04-1

2013-10-25 11.35.45

2013-10-25 11.38.38