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We love designing websites for our clients with a little bit of CMS, to allow them to access and edit their site once we’ve finished working our magic. They love that too – because it means they can refresh, and look after the maintenance of their site, without having their developer make regular (costly) adjustments. Building on a user-friendly, ever-improving and international system, such as WordPress, which a lot of our clients have basic blogging knowledge of, is a great way to get all the benefits of a costly CMS website, without the complexity of building a whole ‘hidden’ back end as well as the customer-facing side.

We encourage our clients to play around with a WordPress blog while their site is being built, so they can feel at home editing their new site once it’s been developed. By the time the site has been designed and built, our clients have more or less familiarised themselves with the functionality of the back end (and we talk them through the basics as well!). They can feel confident uploading new projects and images with the knowledge that we can help them out if they get stuck (or fix anything that might go wrong)! We love to watch the new site ‘come to life’ as our clients really get stuck in and take ownership of their new site.

We have a lot of interest in WordPress sites – they are easy for our clients to manage and they are extremely versatile. Adding on extra functions down the track is easy and doesn’t involve hours of costly customised coding.

Take a look at – one of our recent WordPress Site designs, that our client now maintains, and check out our website for a quote or to learn more about our web design services.

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