Designer Afloat! Well, nearly!

Instead of going away over the Christmas break this year, I decided to build a boat in my living room! Nothing like a holiday project to keep the brain going. It was also time to satiate my desire to own a little sailboat! Here are some snaps of the assembly process. I am currently painting it and have named it “The Puffin”!

The boat is a kit sailboat from the friendly folk at The Balmain Boat Company and was designed by Andrew Simpson owner of Vert Design, a Redfern-based object design company. Many thanks to him for all his help and support (even contacting me from The Brindabella at sea halfway between Sydney and Hobart, returning from the great yacht race!). Also to my housemates who helped/played the Xbox quietly nearby and egged me on.

Andrea Dell 23/1/12

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