Designer Inspiration at Semi-Permanent

The Fresco crew headed off to Semi-Permament last week for a couple of day trips jam packed full of designer inspiration from a whole bunch of creatives.

Highlights for me included Roman Coppola in the Google+ Hangout session, where we got to hear from Roman, his friends and family. Roman introduced us to his super cute mum who is a conceptual artist, along with cousin Jason Schwartzman, who had us all chuckling with his ‘The New Yorker App’ and words of wisdom on baby talk. The grand finale was Sheena the leopard who made a special guest appearance. Totally random couple of hours. Loved it.

I really enjoyed listening to Benja Harney who is a paper engineer working in our very own stomping ground, Surry Hills. We’re all a bit mad for paper over at Fresco and love to dabble in a bit of origami (Andrea is the reigning champion with her impressive paper horse) but Benja opened our eyes to a whole new world of paper craft, from high tea paper creations for Topshop to Kylie’s stunning lotus album – he is the pop-up book king! It was really interesting hearing about his process, from sketches and mock ups to flights to China to get involved with the printing, sticking and die lines. Benji finished up his sesh by getting us all to craft our very own paper airplanes and hurl them towards him, which was quite a sight. Mine didn’t fly too far 🙁

Another fascinating presenter was Kelli Anderson, who Lauren stumbled across last year for her amazing musical wedding invites (she built an incredible mini-record player!). Kelli is one clever lady, who is mad for info graphics and physics, which can be seen reflected in her work. Kelli worked with a group of collaborators back in 2008 to create a perfectly counterfeited version of the NY Times which told news of a perfect, happy world, free from war, disease and poverty. It was hilarious to see the reactions of the New Yorkers as they handed them out, right outside the NY Times offices no less!

All in all it was a brilliant couple of days which filled us with new ideas. It’s also taught me I am clueless when it comes to building paper airplanes. Here’s a little guide if you need assistance like me! Looks like you never know when it’s going to come in handy.

Annalisa 24/05