Digitalpress shindig at the Paper Mill

Last Wednesday I went along to the launch of “Just Your Type” at The Paper Mill. This little publication was produced by Digitalpress to showcase some of Sydney’s hottest designers, some fancy papers and some new printing techniques now available in the digital realm. It was a lovely evening of chatterboxing and yummy snacks! Thanks Digitalpress!

I chatted to Terry from Spicers Paper (pictured below), the artist/designer¬†Dean O’Brien, Nolan Giles from ProPrint Magazine and spotted Sean’s AGDA buddy Glen Barry (NSW President), who occasionally visits us in the studio.

Even my non-designer friends Amy Hawker and Rhiannon Sawyer had a smashing time! They were bagging out papyrus and comic sans by the end of the night!

Photos by Nolan Giles.

Andrea Dell 30.11.11

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