Do Good Design! Inspiring Fresco's Green Philosophy!

Fresco Creative has always had a strong environmental philosophy and a strong sense of social responsibility. That’s why fellow graphic designers like David Berman are of real interest to our studio. Designer, author, vice president and treasurer of Icograda (the world body for communication design) and strategist, Berman has spent much of his career encouraging designers to address issues of social responsibility in their work. A great source of Berman’s ideas can be found in his book DO GOOD DESIGN.

While design means many different things to many different people, Berman says that given design is now central to just about everything we do, designers should be looking at ways to influence the ethical use of design rather than passing the buck. Berman says ” Once we realise how much power we have as designers, and once we recognise how our work has been used to fuel the most efficient and the most destructive deceptions in human history then it becomes obvious that ethics are not optional. Designers can be a model to other professionals for identifying one’s sphere of influence, and then embracing a responsibility that accompanies that power to help repair the world”.

Triscia 13.01.10