Dynamite Design.

If Napolean Dynamite ever left Idaho & his dancing shoes behind & made a living out of his creative hand – it would have been in the form of these cards. Perhaps he is Able & Game’s long long long lost cousin?

This a stationery label aims to create greeting cards that stand out from the crowd. Much like Napolean himself. Able & Game use humour & real sentiment to convey messages that are quirky, poignant & personal.

The cards feature hand drawn designs with references to pop culture & trends that people easily identify with. The statements made on the cards have people nodding & laughing in agreement & the illustrations are drawn by hand, giving the cards an innocent quality that harks back to the day when you used to draw cards yourself or the last time you watched Napolean Dynamite.

Either way the designs are so cool that you want to buy them all & send them to everyone you know so that they will then think the same about you.

It’s worth a shot – http://able&game.com/index.asp

Nat 30.03