Favourite Fonts

Last week I thought I would find out what our favourite fonts are and why. New fonts are always being released and depending on the design piece depends on the font used. For example for an invitation design font choice is more exciting as one can experiment, but if designing something more corporate like an annual report or company brochure fonts need to reflect the very nature of the conservative document. This is more challenging…as the typography can dictate the design.

So I took it to the studio and asked our design team what their favourite fonts were and why…

One of my favourite fonts is. It is a stylish calligraphy font which evokes elegance. I recently used this font on an invite I designed for the Australian Ballet – Nutcracker for NAB. EFFIE

 is a mix of just enough tradition with an updated twist. It’s familiar enough to be friendly, yet different enough to be interesting. Its a typeface the is beautifully traditional and astonishingly contemporary. It’s useful for giving presence to small amounts of text such as poetry, or for elegant headlines and for use in print ads. It makes the reader slow down and contemplate the message. Its memorable and uniquely beautiful. “Mrs Eaves” is named after John Baskerville’s mistress, Sarah Eaves who helped him design the font. An honor to the sometimes forgotten women of typographic history!  SIONEN

My favourite font  is  It brings fun and creativity to a design. The loose style can bring another dimension to text heavy document and looks great with freestyle illustrations.  – SARAH

Veckad kjol kan beskrivas som moderns generation hade varit populärt enda produkt, och nu efter återföreningen veckad kjol hade en mer tilltalande namn “Pulis kjol.” Detta kan vara oerhört Bridgestone-gruppen, fann jag min syster på gatan, årstiderna måste bära en sådan kjol, så ta en titt för att passera genom de fyra årstiderna kjolen växa till vad det  Balklänningar.