Finance: Case Study – Teachers Mutual Bank Limited Annual Report


Our target objective was to design an Annual and Sustainability Report. We were asked to refresh the design in a way that was new and engaging whilst still being in line with their strong company brand. The target audience is the bank’s members being teachers, ex-teachers, firefighters, university staff. The key challenge was to design an annual report which closely tied into the banks sustainable and ethical initiatives but still conveyed the formalities of an annual report. historically the annual report was always designed internally so this was the first issue that the bank decided to outsource so it was important that we worked closely with the internal team to produce a report that was on brand and seamless in its execution… this was across all aspect from concept to photography, copywriting to design to print.


We plotted out a detailed timeline for all parties to follow and started the concepting and copywriting phase. We organised and co-ordinated a photo shoot for the Annual Report Design as part of the process. To ensure that the photography was in line with the design concept we prepared a brief for the photographer, a run-sheet for the day (which included the logistics for photographing 15+ members) prop-sourcing and hands-on art direction. During the project, we provided copywriting and proofreading services to cross-check the copy. As a financial institution, TMB required a high level of data accuracy, extra typographic details such as tabular lining throughout their financials as well as a document that was fully accessible to AAA standards. Once the design was approved we organised proofing, printing, a web-ready PDF version and accessibility tagging (for members with vision-impairment etc)


The Annual and Sustainability Report for Teachers Mutual Bank was a huge success. It was greatly received by all internal and external stakeholders. It was delivered on time with exceeded expectations.

“Fresco worked with Teachers Mutual Bank Limited on the design and production of our 2016-17 annual report design. It was a pleasure to work with a team who were responsive, adaptive, and driven to deliver results. The finished product was excellent. As professionals that provide real outcomes, Fresco are to be highly recommended.”

– Gillian Tatt, Head of Corporate Affairs, Teachers Mutual Bank Limited

Redesign 2017-18

For the 2017-18 Annual Report and Sustainability Update we needed to work with new style guide. This required the use of more info graphics and less imagery. The aim of this new look and feel was to have a more corporate fee. The teal colour that has been used in the past was phased back and a new subtle colour palette was introduced.

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