Flea Markets, a designer's dream

As we welcome in the cooler weather and the weekends become less about the beach and more about being inside, it’s the sort of weather that’s perfect for trawling through a good old flea market. Here are some of our faves here and around the world:

Fringe Bar Markets, Paddington I’m a regular here, most weekends. Trawl through some fantastic vintage and handmade wears while sipping a glass of white and listening to tunes. Set indoors, this is particularly great on a rainy Saturday.

The Village Markets, Burleigh Heads A fantastic selection of young designers and vintage wears. Unfortunately they are currently at risk of being closed down (booo!). Help them and sign the petition here!

Camden Markets, London Ok so maybe not your typical ‘flea’ market, but man did I score some bargains at this beauty.

Chelsea Antiques Market, New York Five (yes FIVE!) floors of goodness. I spent hours and hours trawling through what those crazy new yorkers have to offer

San Telmo Feria, Buenos Aires Antique plates, dolls heads, street performers, unbelieveabley cool hats and giant empanadas. What more could a street market offer?

Happy trawling!

Leah 12.04