Recently Ive been obsessed with everything French, including French Design (French Champagne, French Perfume and French films coming a close second, third and fourth!) Im loving illustrator and designer Severin Millet, his funky website (although not designed by himself) has his wonderful bold block art style as the focus as opposed to a site with cool graphics and whizz bang navigation (infact admitadly the navigation is a bit tricky, got quite lost, but because his work is so beautiful it was some wonderful twists and turns into the unknown). His illustrations are fun and quirky and I love his use of people and animals, he has a prolific portfolio with many of his drawings published in children’s books. Very beautiful, very wacky and very French! Ive also included illustrations by Mathilde Aubier, she my creative inspiration at the moment, I cant get enough of her beautiful designs.

Check out his site at

Triscia 25/06/09