Give me some Pepper! Indie Craft and Design


Ok, so hopefully you already know to go easy on your electricity and not to waste water or Al Gore will be coming a knocking on your door! But while we are all busy flicking switches and cutting back on the hot water and still looking fabulous it might be time to have a little peak behind the seams…

We’ve all heard of a tiny problem called climate change, you know that thing – global warming – but did you know that our passion for fashion is annually costing about 150, 000 litres of water per average household! Thank goodness the peeps over at Peppermint Magazine have taken this all in their stride with Australia’s first indie, design and fashion mag with a focus on being green. The next installment hits the shelves this week, it is Issue 3 and full of crafty goodness. Lots of beautiful and environmentally aware info and treasures, including a profile on States of Nature.

Take heart guys and gals and get behind this sparkling jewel of the Australian magazine and fashion industry. Have a closer look at their website