Gosh Josh!

This is the story of Josh.

1. On the 23rd of March, Andrea took her Pantone 485C Mug and her two-tone Keep Cup to the kitchenette.

2. She left them unattended momentarily.

3. When she returned they were GONE.
(Was this the workings of a serial receptacle thief or the accidental misjudgement of a mass cup washer?)

4. (Having heard no stories of receptacle mischief on level 5) Andrea decided to create every designer’s favourite art form, the “Wanted Poster”, making it clear that jelly beans were the reward.

5. She pinned up the poster and scurried back to the studio.

6. An hour or so later there was a little knock at the door.

7. It was Josh.

8. Meek and embarrassed for pinching the aforementioned mug and cup, he reluctantly took the Jelly Belly jelly beans, offering first to just take one from the packet.

9. (During the interrogation) He told us he was an junior design intern at Boccalatte down the hall and that he had accidentally picked up Andrea’s cups when he did the mass office cup wash. He was sorry, but we were thrilled because not only had he returned the cups but he’d washed them too! Also, we had made a friend.

10. Josh asked to keep the Wanted Poster, which is now up on the wall at Boccalatte.

11. We stalked Josh and added him on Facebook.

12. Almost exactly 3 months later, on June 23rd, we heard about a job on Twitter for a junior graphic designer at Time Out.

14. We told Josh about the job and that he should definitely go for it.

15. On July 14th Josh went for his interview.

16. On July 18th Josh told us he got the job!

17. Hooray!

18. On July 20th we got a vintage card in the post at work that said “Patience: there is no short cut through the forest of life” and thanked us for thinking of him and for setting him on his way. Included were movie tickets! (Where does one get a vintage card from 1978 from?!)
19. Hooray!

20. We now have a picture of Josh up in the studio all the time. He’s riding a horse and drinking from the Pantone 485 Mug.Josh starts his job in a couple of weeks. Good luck for your first day Josh!

Fresco Creative